It's surprising when someone says they've never heard of KanJam. When that happens though, there's only one thing you can do - Teach them the game!

Recently, JR admitted he didn't know about KanJam. We decided this was essential information to being a Central New Yorker, so we took him outside and taught him this amazingly fun Frisbee game.

First, we explained the basics:

- The 'kans' should be 50 feet apart (whether we measured correctly or not is besides the point).

- Four people play at a time (teams of two). Each person takes a turn throwing the Frisbee. The goal is to get it in the 'slot' or in the top of the 'kan.'

- Your partner (standing at the other 'kan') can help you knock the Frisbee in, or at least help you hit the 'kan.'

- If you get the Frisbee in the slot (without any help) you win the game. If you hit the 'kan' without any help it's 2 points. If your partner helps you get the Frisbee in the slot or the top, it's 3 points. And if your partner helps you to hit the 'kan,' it's 1 point.

- After the first person throws, their teammate throws and the first person helps knock the Frisbee in the bucket. Then the next team goes, and so on and so forth.

- First team to 21 wins!


How well did JR do? Watch the video at the top of this page to see his first attempt at playing a New York famous game - KanJam.

If you want more in-depth rules, a handy scoreboard you can take on the go with you, and the latest news on KanJam, make sure download their app available for Android and iPhone.



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