For weeks I’ve been pouring my little heart out on Twitter. I’ve tried religiously to get a re-tweet from Roseanne Barr. I grew up watching Roseanne on TV, and in my eyes, I was part of the Connor family. Now at an older age, I feel shut out by momma Roseanne and hopefully she’ll see this and change her ways. Here’s 4 reasons why Roseanne should give me a re-tweet.

4) We both Love Macadamia Nuts

Roseanne currently runs a Macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. I currently run a radio station in Utica New York. She chows down on macadamia nuts; I chow down on macadamia nuts. So through the transitive property, we both love macadamia nuts.


3) We Both Share A Stand Up Comedy Career

Roseanne used to do stand-up gigs in Denver and other Colorado clubs. In 1987 her HBO special called “The Roseanne Barr Show” earned her an American Comedy Award for the funniest female performer in a television special. Now I’ve performed locally at The Tram Café, and I’ve won a Westmoreland Drama Club Award…. Almost the same thing.


2) We Both Have Love Corn

On her popular show “Roseanne” corn is shown or mentioned in every episode. Clearly there is some corn lovin’ going on in the Connors home. In the Wheeler home we love corn too. We got cans, we got cobs, we got popped


1) My Mom Gets Re-Tweets All The Time From Roseanne

My mother Lucy (@raiderfan615) gets re-tweets on a regular basis from Roseanne. I’m guessing they must be longtime friends or something.


So Roseanne, please change your ways. Hopefully these 4 reasons have convinced you to give this poor guy a re-tweet. Maybe we could do lunch at the Lanford Lunch Box, my treat.