The Sterling Renaissance Festival is still going on, with a few more weekends of festivities before it wraps up for 2018. If you plan on going, there are a few 'rules' you should keep in mind...

1. You Have to Get Some Mead: As long as your at least 21, of course. If you're going to a renaissance festival, you have to drink like you're in the 1500s, right? And that means stopping by one of the shops and getting a nice refreshing cup of mead, which is honey that has been fermented in water, and it's delicious.

2. Play Along: There are a lot of "characters" that will be walking around the festival grounds, both paid actors/actresses and those who just really, REALLY get into renaissance festivals. Go along with it. Seriously, what fun is it, to mock the costume, call out mistakes, or anything like that? Even if you don't want to be "bothered," it doesn't hurt to just smile and nod, and walk away.

3. Get a Turkey Leg or Some Shepard's Pie: Just like rule number one, you'll want to feel like you're in the 1500s, so you might as well drink and eat as if you're in that time. Besides, it's tradition to get a huge, greasy turkey leg. If you've gone to a renaissance festival before, but have never gotten the traditional turkey leg, make this year the year you do it. At least to say that you've finally actually done it.

4. You Have to Watch the Jousting: Can you really say you've been to a renaissance festival if you've never watched the jousting? It's just like the turkey leg rule, it's tradition. Luckily at the Sterling Renaissance Festival there are multiple times for jousting each day, so you don't have an excuse to miss it. Jousting happens at 12pm and 5:45pm each day of the festivities.


Of course these "rules" are just for fun, and there are many other things we think you should make sure you do at this year's Sterling Renaissance Festival, but if you're short on time or need a quick guide, we think this should at least give you a good start. The Sterling Renaissance Festival runs weekends from now until August 19th. You can get more information on this year's festival by visiting:




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