Whether you've been to a renaissance festival before or not, the Sterling Renaissance Festival is one you don't want to miss. Here are some of the things you'll get to experience at this fantastic event...

1 - You Can Enjoy a Cup or Two of Mead: This adult beverage will really take you back to the 1500s. Mead is made by fermenting honey in water and has a very sweet taste. Be careful though, it goes down easily.

A Plastic Cup Filled with Mead at the Sterling Renaissance Festival, 2017
Naomi Lynn/TSM

2 - You Can Be Entertained with a Unique Act: From poetry reading to comedy shows, to some "adult-themed" jokes and performances, the Sterling Renaissance Festival is home to some great entertainment choices. There are also family-friendly shows including balancing and juggling acts and of course the jousting, which is definitely a favorite.

3 - You Can Dress the Part Without Looking Crazy: If you were to walk around in renaissance-style clothing on a regular day, people are going to stare. Some may be curious, others are going to think you've gone crazy. But not at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. Actually, the festival grounds have plenty of shops where you can buy or rent clothing to "blend in." There are also many places that will give you a renaissance-looking hairstyle. Come on, who wouldn't want an excuse to dress up as someone from the renaissance?! It's fun!

4 - You Can Eat a Giant Turkey Leg: You've probably seen renaissance festivals depicted on TV or in movies where someone always gets this giant turkey leg. Well, there's truth behind those scenes. You can actually do that at a renaissance festival, including at the Sterling Renaissance Festival. Might as well play the part right, and experience everything the festival has to offer, like those giant turkey legs.

5 - You Can Find Some Really Cool Stuff: And by "stuff," I mean pretty much anything. There are many vendors on-site offering jewelry and collectibles, clothing and books, and everything in between. Whether you just want to buy a few bottles of mead or wine to take home, rent an outfit for the afternoon, or you want to get a souvenir to place on a shelf, you'll find it. Last year I found the coolest crystal blue glasses, with metal dragons as bases:

Two Blue Crystal Wine Glasses with Dragons as Bases from the Sterling Renaissance Festival, 2017
Naomi Lynn/TSM

The Sterling Renaissance Festival runs weekends, from July 7th through August 19th. You can purchase tickets now (and save with early bird specials) by visiting their website at: SterlingFestival.com. You can also get more information on the festival including the attractions that will be at this year's event, food and beverage options, directions, and other details on their website.




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