Let's face it: we're doing a lot of sitting around during this pandemic. But, there IS some good news.

A medical journal called "Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise" discovered that you might be able to enjoy health benefits by working out for just FOUR SECONDS at a time. That's right, :04. Researchers made people peddle a stationary bike as hard as they could for four seconds, followed by a 45-second break, and repeated that five times, for eight hours of the day. Total time: 2 minutes and 40 seconds of actual exercise.

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The health of participants improved within just 24 hours. Triglyceride levels in the blood were 30% lower. With these results in mind, here are some 4-second exercises you can do right here in the Mohawk Valley:

  • Sprint from Utica Roasters to Peepers
  • Run up the flight of stairs at Munson-Williams
  • Dash around one-third of the Oneida Square roundabout
  • Cycle from Delmonico's to Tavolo
  • Bunny-hop around one of the statues on the Parkway
  • Eat one half-moon cookie at Holland Farms while doing four jumping jacks

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