Remember that New Years resolution you had about getting in better shape? Have you really kept it? Well, if one of your excuses is because you “work in an office and can’t get in shape”, that’s not true. You can exercise at work and it won’t even get you in trouble for blowing off work.

Here's a rundown of some great ways to get fit on company time:


Every hour or so, go for a 10-minute walk. If you don't have 10 minutes, walk around the office for five. Walking gets the blood flowing, raises energy levels and burns a few calories. I tend to do this throughout the day. It’s a really simple plan, and it really doesn’t require much.

Stand Up

Sitting behind a desk all day is bad for your posture, messes with your energy levels, lowers your good cholesterol and increases your risk of diabetes. Try to stand up when you can. Make mix in walking and standing.

Abs and Glutes Squeeze

We’ve all been there: zoning out during a conference call. During your next call stand up and alternate contractions between your abs and your glutes. You'll burn calories and strengthen muscles.

Stand on One Leg

To me this tip sounded pretty weird. Unless you have water in your ear why else should you stand on one leg? Apparently it's very effective. Try to stand up whenever you take phone calls. Or try this: For the first half of your day, stand on your left leg. For the second half of your day, stand on your right leg.


How do you exercise throughout the day?


[via MadeMan]


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