Flying somewhere just got a little pricier, thanks to an increase in baggage fees by five of the airlines that fly out of Syracuse's Hancock International Airport.

You've got to wait in the long security lines, pack and unpack your carry on bag, and then face possible delays or cancelled flights. Now, the airlines are hoping to squeeze a few more dollars out of you in the form of increased baggage fees. Oh goody. 

American Airlines has just confirmed that they're raising the fees for checked bags by $5 - each way - joining United and Delta. Jet Blue and Air Canada have already raised their fees, according to the Chicago Tribune. All these airlines operate out of Hancock in Central New York. 

You know what that means - more folks trying to cram overstuffed bags into the overhead bins and an increased likelihood you're going to get hit in the head when that bag pops out of the bin as you disembark the plane. Gone are the days of air travel when you could fold your coat and place it gently in the overhead bin.

What's next? Charging for the packets of pretzels? 

Will these increased fees make you more likely to seek alternative forms of transportation for your next trip? Or just not go?


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