Fly To Europe - Closer and Cheaper Than You Think
We have quite a few airport options within a few hours of the Utica area. It's always a good idea to shop around to find the best fares. But by next summer, there could be another option, and it means really cheap flights to Europe.
When's The Best Time To Buy Airline Tickets?
If you've ever planned a trip involving air travel, there's a good chance you agonized over the perfect time to buy your plane tickets so you could get the perfect lowest price possible. Well now you won't have to stress, just follow these simple rules.
Malaysian Plane's Disappearance Still a Mystery
On Friday, March 7, Malaysian Airlines flight 370 vanished from the skies (and radar). Three days later, authorities are no closer to figuring out what happened to it, leaving the fate of the 239 passengers (including three Americans) and crewmembers unknown.
Unhappy Passenger [VIDEO]
One WestJet airlines passenger was not content with just complaining about their flight and took up a pen to write a very passive-aggressive note.

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