The 2017 Great New York State Fair is bigger and better than ever, and attempting to surpass its record attendance figures from 2016. With that goal (and others) in mind, the Fair is adding a few things, all part of an initiative straight from Governor Andrew Cuomo's desk.

"The days of the 'same-old, same-old' State Fair are over - there is new energy in every corner of the Fairgrounds," Cuomo said. "We are revitalizing this facility to provide year-round economic strength to the region, all while making the Fair a national attraction. These improvements are adding to this momentum and are helping Central New York to continue to rise."

So, here are 5 Cool New Attractions at the 2017 New York State Fair:

Chairlift Ride

Just completed, the Broadway Skyliner takes passengers three stories in the air for a seven-minute, quarter-mile ride from one end of the midway to the other.


Who doesn't love cute dogs who are also athletic? The President's Choice SuperDogs, to be exact, will be displaying their acrobatic and comic skills in the Times Square area.

Top Cop Police Academy

New York State's finest show off their skills and give you an opportunity to take them on in various disciplines. Are YOU good enough to best a cop?

MooU Tours

If you've ever wandered through the animal buildings and left with lots of questions, like: What's that thing called at the bottom of a rooster's throat? Or, What's the biggest litter for each specific animal? Or, where's the bathroom? Now, you have a tour guide to help you out.

Timber Sports

Who knew there are collegiate timber sports teams? SUNY-ESF, SUNY Morrisville and Paul Smith's College will showcase axe throwing, logrolling, speed climbing, and more. No fidget spinners in this exhibit.


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