It seems like Governor Andrew Cuomo is in quite a bad spot right about now. It wouldn't be all too shocking if he resigns or is impeached.

WIBX, has reported the Attorney General's office released a statement Tuesday making claims that Governor Cuomo not only sexually harassed several women, he also engaged in several retaliatory acts toward accusers.

The probe from the AG's office has found a plethora of items that could really put him in some major hot water. All things would point to potential removal from office. But what does that exactly mean for New York State?

The Empire State would then create some major history within the state. We would have our first ever female governor. That new governor would be Kathy Hochul. Hochul is the current Lieutenant Governor and next in the line of succession for the gubernatorial position.

She has been in her position in New York State politics under Governor Andrew Cuomo since 2015 and is native to Buffalo. She also has a little bit of a Central New York tie too, she actually graduated from Syracuse University where she got her Bachelor of The Arts degree. Prior to serving with Governor Cuomo, she was a Congresswoman for the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013 serving the State's 26th district. The 26th district directly serves the greater Buffalo Metro area.

Obviously right now everything is up in the air with our current Governor, but there is definitely a chance we could be seeing the state's first-ever female Governor, if impeachment is indeed on the horizon.

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