There are two kinds of people in the world: lazy-river-relaxing water ride types and those of you who prefer screaming-while-plunging-down-a-100-foot-drop water rides. If you're the latter, you are going to want to check out the craziest water rides at Enchanted Forest Water Safari.

5 Craziest Rides at Enchanted Forest Water Safari

  1. Killermanjaro - one of the tallest and fastest water ride at the park where riders reach speeds of up to 30 mph!
  2. The Curse of the Silverback - a 100 ft. drop, is that enough for you?
  3. Black River - you and a friend plunge in complete darkness until you reach the end.
  4. Shadow - a fully enclosed body slide will keep you twisting and turning the whole way down.
  5. Rondaxe Run - this water ride is built for speed with banked turns speeding you along the way.

Rides like this are why Enchanted Forest Water Safari is rated among the best water parks in America. Don't forget, these are just the water rides, there are dry rides and rides especially for the kids. There's something to do for the whole family.

Want to get in for free? Make sure you enter the Dunkin Donuts Ultimate Pool Party: you and 9 friends will get into the park free, and an hour before the park no lines. Make sure you're a member of our Litehouse Club and enter to win on our website.

Summer isn't over yet. You still have time to get some thrills at Water Safari.



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