Is this your first winter in your new home? Maybe this isn't the first winter but the 15th? There are a few things that every homeowner needs to do to make sure that their house is in tip-top shape.

Is there already a list of things you do by October 1 each year for winter? October 15? Or like me, before the first snowfall? Keep these things in mind to help your winter go just a little bit smoother.

What do you need to do, as a homeowner, before the first snowfall each year?

Man upset after getting a night parking ticket during the winter

One of the most important things to do is to check your heating system. This could be or include getting your furnace cleaned, changing the filters, and cleaning the ducts. If you use a wood-burning stove or a fireplace, is it ready? Did you clean it? Are the vents working? Do you have a few cords of wood? Or do you have a pallet of pellets? Have these in place so that when it gets cold you will be able to stay toasty warm. 

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What do you need to do for your home maintenance before it snows?


You should also go around and make sure that all of your windows are closed tightly and that there are no gaps of air that are allowing cold air to come in. For me, I also make sure I put the plastic on the windows. I notice those drafts if I don't get that plastic up.

Things to have in the garage or in the basement before it snows.

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Take the time to make sure you have the salt for the sidewalks and driveway. Believe it or not, I will get this early and either end up needing none of it or am just barely able to make it through the winter without the pre-winter stash. Also consider having an extra stash of batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food items, and a few extra gallons of drinking water.

What to do with your car before it snows?

Denis Torkhov
Denis Torkhov

If you are a person who likes to put snow tires on their car, there is a fine line between when you put the tires on and when you take them off, but if your car needs them, make plans to put them on the car. Also, make sure to change your windshield wipers, and top off your windshield washer fluid reservoir. It will be super helpful when you get that nasty slush stuck on your window. Also make sure to have an extra pair of gloves, a blanket, a change of warm clothes, a few non-perishable food items, an extra phone charger, and if you have room left in the trunk, some kitty litter. All of these things will be helpful if you get stuck in the snow for a long period of time.

Is there anything else we should add to our list? Let us know.

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