Looking for a good lunch? Maybe check out one of these delicious sandwiches from restaurants right here in the Utica area.

Utica is already well-known for its variety of food choices - Whether you're looking for authentic Greek food or you want to have a giant meal from a mom and pop shop, or whatever else you could possibly want - Utica has it. It's no wonder why they were named one of the best cities for food in Upstate New York.

That being said, we want to look at lunch options - We want to look at the best sandwiches in the area. Here are some of our favorites we think you should try:

 Reuben From Tiny's

You can't miss Tiny's on State Street in Utica - Just look for the Blues Brothers. Sure, they're probably more-known for their chicken and pasta dishes, but if you're looking for an amazing Reuben - Tiny's is the place for you. What makes it so special? Tiny's Grilled Reuben is gigantic! If you want a fully-loaded sandwich that has the perfect ratio of sauerkraut to corned beef, then this is for you.

 Honey BBQ Chicken SuperMelt Sandwich From Friendly's

Chicken? Check. Barbecue sauce? Check. Cheese? Check. Bacon? Of course! This sandwich is the definition of comfort food in a handheld form. Even with the barbecue sauce, they add ranch to the sandwich as well - Making it a delicious and flavorful meal.
Stop by their location on Burrstone Road in New Hartford to try this mouthwatering sandwich.

Crispy Organic Unhealthy Bacon

 BLT From Carmella's

When you're thinking Carmella's Cafe, you're probably not thinking about sandwiches. But maybe you should. They have the "Ultimate BLT" and it really is ultimate. What's the most important part of the BLT? Of course it's the bacon! Most places offer a BLT and you'll get three, four, maybe five pieces of bacon. Carmella's Cafe doesn't skimp out on the bacon on this bad-boy, it's stacked high to fulfill its statement as "ultimate."
So the next time you're driving through New Hartford at lunch time, maybe stop into Carmella's Cafe for their Ultimate BLT.

Turkey Sandwich at Byrne Dairy

Matt Hubbell had the chance to check out the new Byrne Dairy in New Hartford. While he was there, he tried when of their turkey sandwiches - And from the video below, you'll see he wasn't disappointed:


"The Parkway" at Mojos Cafe

This isn't your average turkey and bacon sandwich - We don't know what Mojos is doing, but we know they're doing it right. What's so great about this sandwich? Well, it could be the Gouda Cheese they use, or maybe it's the Chipotle Mayo on this sandwich. Whatever it is, it makes this handheld anything but ordinary. It's hard to describe how great a sandwich is - We think you should just take our word for it, and try it yourself. Just stop by their location on Albany Street in Utica.


Now, there are tons of other amazing sandwiches throughout the Utica area - These are just five really great ones we think you should try. What's your favorite spot for sandwiches? Let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page.



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