It's no surprise to us, but it's still nice to hear that Utica has been named one of the best cities for food in Upstate New York.

Utica is known for being a melting pot of different cultures, different ways of life, and different views. With that, comes an abundance of unique foods and eateries. Just look around the city - You'll see restaurants dedicated to Italian foods (both traditional and new age) to Greek cuisine, and everything in between.

New York Upstate created their list of the Top 12 best food cities in Upstate New York and Utica came in at Number Four (which doesn't surprise us). According to New York Upstate,

Utica is a multitude of ethnic tastes within the city limits. Large waves of immigrants started coming here in the 1990s... is the old-founding ethnicities that carry on the great generations-old Utica food legacies.

They named tomato pie as Utica's "Crown Jewel Dish," and O'Scugnizzo's Pizza as their "Bucket List Restaurant."

BUT WAIT!!! This list gets even better!

Not only was Utica on the list, but Rome made the cut as well. It made it in at the Number Nine spot. According to New York Upstate,

Rome shares many fine taste traditions with its neighbor, Utica. But there are some that any food fanatic will enjoy here.

New York Upstate named riggies as Rome's "Crown Jewel Dish," and Teddy's as their "Bucket List Restaurant."

Other cities to make the list include Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, and Buffalo. The Number One spot went to Schenectady.




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