When we published a list recently of 9 great Utica restaurants many of you probably never heard of, we received lots of email with some other suggestions.

So, based on your emails and text messages, here are five more local restaurants that you probably have never heard of...

Pho Mekong, 601 John Street, Utica:

Credit: Pho Mekong Facebook page

Hotel Moore, 113 Mappa Avenue, Barneveld. Okay, so we lied. This place is in the foothills of the Adirondacks, but it's supposed to be awesome:

Hotel Moore Facebook page

Vivid Cafe, 1155 Mohawk Street, Utica:

Vivid Cafe Facebook page

The Pizza Box, 933 South Street, Utica:

The Pizza Box Facebook page

The Grill & Chill, 122 Eagle Street, Utica:

Grill & Chill Facebook page