We've already showcased 5 songs heard on Lite 98.7 that are not the original versions. Here's 5 more I bet you didn't know were originally performed by another band or artist.






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    If I Were a Boy

    Beyonce Knowles has nearly as many nicknames as she does hit songs: Ju Ju, Queen B, Mothe, Bee, Sasha Fierce, and Queen Bey are just a select few. "If I Were a Boy" peaked at #3 on the BIllboard charts back in 2008. The song was originally recorded by a singer/actress named BC Jean in 1987. BC's track was denied by her record label so she never turned it into a hit song. Here's BC's version.

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    Black Crowes

    Hard to Handle

    Wow! Have you ever heard the original version of this smash hit?! Otis Redding recorded his version back in 1967. The song has been covered countless times by many artists including the Grateful Dead, Etta James, and Tom Jones. I think you'll appreciate Otis's version here.

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    Lou Bega

    Mambo No. 5

    According to Wikipedia, the original version of this jive, dance song was recorded by a gentleman named Damaso Perez Prado. The popular song is one of the most requested at wedding receptions, and parties. Here's the way it sounded back in 1949.

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    Natalia Imbruglia


    Former soap opera actress Natalia Imbruglia "Tore" up the charts back in 1997 with this hit song. The following year, she won an MTV Video Music Award for best new artist. Her success can be at least partially be credited to LA rock band Ednaswap. They released the original version of the song back in 1995 and here it is.

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    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Cyndi Lauper

    The man credited for writing and performing the original version of this huge hit song resided in Old Forge, NY. His name is Robert Hazard, and the track was first released back in 1979.  Robert's version rocks, and here it is!