Both the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs are coming into this weekend's game with an 11-6 record. The two teams seem evenly matched on the field.

But that's not the whole story, is it?

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We do not just root for the players we see week after week, some of whom will be traded or lost to free agency at any moment. No, our allegiances come from elsewhere.

Is it the color of the uniforms?

The towns they represent?

A family tradition?

Whatever the reasons we have to cheer a team on, we have just as many reasons to be against another team.

Here are 5 reasons New Yorkers may want to go against local pride and back Mahomes and crew this weekend.

OJ Simpson never played for Kansas City

This should be the feather in the cap of any team. His on-field play may be something older Buffalo fans still remember fondly, but his off-field reputation will no doubt prove to be his legacy. Who wants to be associated with these alleged crimes? Kansas City has no OJ in their past. Thats the kind of moral victory you can't add to their season stats.

Kansas City Fans are just..."fans"

None of this Bills Mafia nonsense. Sure, I can buy into the Kiss Army and Swifties, but associating the bills with organized crime just seems like a recipe for disaster. Here's to a good, wholesome fanbase known only as fans.

KC has more useful food

Make no bones about it, I am a buffalo wing enthusiast. Yes, like Kenny Rogers, I enjoy a pretty strong bird. But, I am not sure that a wing is going to save you at 7:05pm on Valentine's Day when you make a mad dash to CVS because you forgot what day it was. However, Kansas City's own Russel Stover will keep you in your mate's good graces. No one ever said "Let's go upstairs" after devouring a romantic Valentine's wing.

State Farm Commercials are fun.

"Most Valuable Bundler". That one is still funny. "Mahomes and MaAuto" Had me in stitches. Jake from State Farm is going to cheer on Andy Reid. Why shouldn't we?

Taylor Swift

We all want her at the Super Bowl. Josh Allen stands in the way of this happening. Don't be the anti-hero. Just imagine the moment of Travis Kelce announcing he is taking Taylor to Disney World...and then proposing with the Lombardi trophy in hand. Sorry, I lapsed into my fan fiction there for a moment.

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