If you haven't made your way to Fulton Chain Brewery in Old Forge, we think you should plan a weekend getaway to the Adirondacks and see this place for yourself.

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery is on North Street in Old Forge, just off the main drag. Actually, if you've been to Enchanted Forest Water Safari, you've probably seen the brewery from the parking lot, it's right there. Anyway, this place is definitely a "must-visit." We have 5 reason why we think you should head to this place on your next trip to Old Forge...

1 - The Beverages

Of course, a brewery can't be good unless they're home to some really great craft beverages. Fulton Chain Brewery definitely has fantastic beers. A Central New York favorite (that has been at "Brewfest" at the Utica Zoo, and other events around the area), is "Go Fluff Yourself." This beer has a very strong marshmallow and peanut butter taste, and is more like a dessert than a beer. But even though the taste is very strong, the beer itself is light and doesn't weigh you down. They also have some great beers with blueberries, New York maple syrup, coffee, and other unique tastes.

2 - The People

My boyfriend and I made our way to Fulton Chain Craft Brewery just a few weeks ago, and the people will always stick out to us. The place was busy, but everyone seemed to be happy and in good spirits. But it wasn't just the patrons, the workers were also very welcoming. After being out in the cold (you know how bad it can get in Old Forge in the winter), it was nice to come inside to a place that was warm... And I don't just mean temperature-wise.

Luke Austin Enjoying a Beverage at Fulton Chain Brewery
Naomi Lynn/TSM

3 - Beautiful Artwork

At Fulton Chain Brewery, you'll find amazing artwork on the walls. They're photos were taken from around the Adirondacks, and to say they're stunning?! ...Well, that would be an understatement. It's fun to walk around the bar with a nice cold brew, and see all the beautiful prints. And the photos are available for purchase too, but you can get details on that when you head to the brewery.

4 - The Atmosphere

We talked about the great workers and patrons, and the very welcoming-feeling you get when you walk into the brewery, but it's more than that. The woodwork on the tables is beautiful, and the pub tables have a very neat "Fulton Chain Craft Brewery" cut into them. There's also a wood stove, which adds to this cabin-in-the-woods feeling, and is fantastic in the wintertime. You can also see the brewery room from the bar, and there's a lot of wood and stone accents.

Table Stamped with the Fulton Chain Craft Brewery Logo
Naomi Lynn/TSM

5 - It's a Brewery in the Adirondacks

Do you really need any other reason to go? It's a brewery in the Adirondacks. Old Forge isn't too far from the Utica/Rome area, so it's not like you have to drive 5 hours to check out this awesome place. Plus, it's right off the main drag of Old Forge, so you can enjoy an adult beverage or two, then go explore and enjoy your time in Old Forge. Whether you're visiting the Old Forge area, or are heading further up north to go camping or just to get away for a while, we think you should make time out to see this brewery.

And let us know - If you stopped at this brewery for the first time, or if you've been there before. We want to know what you think of it. You can always leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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