In New York State, we have a lot of breweries and quite a lot of wineries. In the last decade alone, breweries have skyrocketed in popularity to the point now, that they outweigh the number of wineries.

Hearing this, we asked ourselves, so what does New York prefer, beer or wine?

Blake Borg

There was a study done in New York City analyzing what gets ordered more online. It wasn't even close. 50% of every sale was a wine purchase. Maybe this has something to do with the COVID Pandemic that we lived through for two years?

More Evidence Points to Wine


The data from Drizly compared wine, craft beer, and liquor.

At the end of the day, when it comes to purchases online, beer still has some ground to gain. Cheers, wine, looks like you're the winner.

There is still something to be said about going to a winery and experiencing a wine tasting and taking in all the views and scenery that it offers.


Local Winery Opens for the 2022 Season

Speaking of wine, we are excited for another season of wine and golf at Brimfield Winery in Clinton, NY this spring and summer. The family-owned business announced it will be opening back up towards the end of April.

Unique Wine Barge Tour Allows You to Harvest, Stomp & Taste Your Own Wine

Stomp, harvest and drink your own wine on a unique Wine Barge tour in the Finger Lakes.

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