5 Seconds of Summer debuted their video for "She's Kinda Hot" today (August 3), and it's a fitting visual companion to the song: Playful, occasionally animated, and ultimately more slick than the rough-around-the-edges romp it claims to be.

The clip was directed by Isaac Rentz, who also made their videos for “Good Girls,” “Amnesia” and “Don’t Stop.” The visual provides a literal interpretation of the lyrics, teased with opening shots of a dude playing video games, and then another young guy who's very un-psyched to be in therapy, and the 5SOS boys themselves doing some mysterious welding in a garage. When the track kicks in, the band's hanging out in front of a large suburban home — as Ashton Irwin pounds a drum machine on the roof, an animated cat in a yellow diaper strides toward him. Like all of the cartoons that pop up throughout the clip, the cat's very cute. And wearing a yellow diaper, for some reason.

"My girlfriend's bitching 'cause I always sleep in," Luke Hemmings sings, and we watch it play out. For some reason, the "bitching" girlfriend and her pals are dressed like Cher from Clueless meets the cast of Heathers. Why is this punk rock dude dating a popular girl who just stepped out of a movie from the early '90s? We could debate that all day, but then we'd miss out on all of the footage of Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael building — and ultimately performing on top of — their joyous contraption. Watch the video above to see it all go down.

Ashton recently told MTV that "She's Kinda Hot" is "more of a song for revolution." He continued, “I think there’s so much more that meets the eye, or meets the ears with that song. It talks about mental struggle, to not fitting in and that’s OK. ’They say were losers and we’re alright with that.’ I think that’s a strong lyric in the song. It’s definitely a song for the new broken scene kids, which are our fans.”

That's certainly a sentiment we should all get behind, and 5SOS have always considered their "new broken scene kid" fans to be their fifth band member. "She's Kinda Hot" is a commendable salute to fun and a type of individuality that's ultimately safe and sanitized, despite the punk posturing. One question, though — where are the "new queens" they're singing about? They don't get much of the spotlight here, unless you count the aghast anti-gamer girls and the "kinda hot" therapist. We eagerly await their arrival in the next video.

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