Indie-pop babe Catey Shaw made a splash last year when her NYC anthem “Brooklyn Girls,” an ode to hip ladies who hail from the streets of the 718, went viral on YouTube and beyond. But don’t jump to label Shaw a digital one-hit indie wonder: the Brooklyn-based artist is back with a bouncy new single, just in time to add a little sparkle to end-of-summer party playlists everywhere.

A sonic combination of Katy Perry’s sugar-and-spice melodies and Bonnie McKee’s sassy lyricism, “Walks All Over You” is a twinkly, 80s-tinged synth-pop jam with thumping, groovy beats and a catchy chorus. It’s upbeat, audacious, and a complete earworm—in other words, it’s a total summer-pop, drive-with-the-top-down dream come true.

“With the new music, my producer (Jay Levine) and I met in this disco, funk-infused 80s kind of place,” Catey explains to PopCrush of the track’s sound. “Taking that grooviness and injecting it with modern pop made the process so much fun. The first demo of ‘Walks All Over You’ was finished within a couple of hours. We started with an ‘Our House’-inspired groove and the line ‘You know she walks all over you,’ and it turned into this whole man-eater story.”

Indeed, the track is about a boy friend (not boyfriend, mind you) of Catey’s that the jazzy-voiced singer is trying to save from a sexy “serial manipulator,” warning him of the ill-intentioned other girl: “She’s hot I understand your fascination / But she’s rotten on the inside / Don’t be stupid she’s a cruel, cruel girl / She f—s with the toughest around / She’s f—ing with you right now.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Walks All Over You” below:

“Walks All Over You” is off The Ransom EP, due out this fall. Luckily, you won’t have to wait for the leaves to turn gold in order to get your hands on the track—the single is already available for purchase on iTunes today (August 13).

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