Often when I hear a song for the very first time, I ask myself: "Is that an original version of that song or did the artist recreate it to make it their own?" 

I think I know music pretty well. I'm fairly knowledgeable of artists, genres, bands, songs, and even music videos. The one music facet I'm not all that familiar with is lyrics. I rarely listen to them. You're probably right to assume that I'm missing out on one of the most important aspects of a song: the message. I'll blame my ADD and enjoy the tune anyway.

Ok, the point I'm trying to make is that since I have a thorough knowledge of music, even I was surprised to learn that these 5 songs that Lite 98.7 plays or has played in the past are not the originals.

This morning Just Jen and I chatted about my long road trip to Beardslee Castle in Little Falls.

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    I Love Rock n Roll

    Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

    This is one of my all time favorite classic rock songs from the 80's. I've seen Joan and her band play live and I can't imagine this one not being played during their set. However, if it weren't for a band called "The Arrows," the song wouldn't exist. Here's their version of the song.

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    Nothing Compares to You

    Sinead O'Connor

    When I first heard this song back in the day, I couldn't get enough of it. In fact, at one of my first radio jobs, I would intentionally try and sneak it in to rotation...Shhh! However, if it weren't for a band called "The Family," (one of soloist Prince's side projects,) the song wouldn't exist today.  Sorry, I couldn't find the original on YouTube so here's Sinead's version.

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    Tainted Love

    Soft Cell

    This big hit from the early 80's was originally recorded by a woman named Gloria Jones. The song has been covered a dozen times by a dozen different artists. However, who knew the original sounded so groovy? Here's Gloria's take on the song.

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    Don't Turn Around

    Ace of Base

    All I can say is wow! Who would have guessed that the original version of this song was performed by none other than "The Queen of Rock n Roll," Tina Turner. It sounds way different than the 90's cover that became a smash hit. I'm in awe as to why Tina never turned this "B side" record into a top 10 hit; I think it rocks.

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    I Will Always Love You

    Whitney Houston

    Your favorite song from "The Bodyguard" soundtrack was not originally song by Whitney Houston. In fact, it was written and first sung by "Miss 9 to 5," Dolly Parton back in 1974. Say What? Yup it's true. Here's Dolly singing it! (**CLIP CONTAINS THE D WORD)