We're getting closer and closer to the Great New York State Fair, which means it's time to start planning your trip to the state fairgrounds. Here's a few things we think you won't want to miss...

1 - See Eddie Money Perform Opening Night: The "Two Tickets to Paradise" singer will be performing a free concert on the fairgrounds' "Experience Stage." Make your way to the fair on Wednesday, August 22nd to see the show.

2 - Enjoy an Amusement Ride: The Great New York State Fair has tons of rides and attractions for everyone. Although many kids spend their time in the carnival area, it's fun for the adults as well. Maybe take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Or enjoy a ride with your kids, they'll love ya for it.

3 - Enjoy a Treat You Can't Normally Get: One of the best things about the state fair (or any fair for that matter), is the food. But with this fair, you have TONS of options of delicious, deep-fried, candy coated, and/or unique flavor combinations of food. May we suggest trying one of the deep fried pop-tarts or a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich? If savory is more your style, there's a whole food booth dedicated to bacon. Get something unique, something different, that you can only get at the fair.

Crispy Organic Unhealthy Bacon

4 - Check Out the Design of This Year's Butter Sculpture: Every year, a butter sculpture is made and if you've gone to the state fair before, we're sure you've seen it. Even if you haven't gone to the state fair, you've probably seen videos and photos of the sculpture on news sites and TV. But you have to see it in person,  because it is pretty cool. Make sure you give yourself a few minutes to see this year's creation.

5 - Visit the Vendors and Browse the Merchandise: You never know what you can find at one of the vendor booths at the New York State Fair. Seriously, I found a Christmas present for my sister that I mailed back to Michigan at the fair in 2016. From cute t-shirts and dresses to collectibles to books and other goodies, with so many vendors on site, you're sure to find something you just can't leave without.

The Great New York State Fair runs from Wednesday, August 22nd through Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day), at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. You can keep updated on everything going on at the state fair by following them on Facebook at: The Great New York State Fair or visit their website at: NYSFair.NY.org



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