We're pretty much into yard sale season in Central New York, and although you can find some outstanding deals, there are some items that are just better to avoid...

Again, there's a LOT of great items you can get a garage sales and yard sales where you'll save a ton and it's just as good (or close enough) to buying these items new. I'm talking about books, candles, tools and garden equipment, and things like that. But there are some items, that even at a discounted price, you don't want to pick up at a yard sale. Here are the top five items you should skip:

1 - Shoes: Even if they look brand new, they've probably been worn, and that's kind of gross if you think about.

2 - Stuffed Animals: That fluffy kitty may look adorable and your daughter may want it SO bad, but stuffed animals can be filled with mold, dirt, and germs. You don't want to bring that into your house, or give that to someone who is going to be hugging that animal and holding tight, and/or near their face.

3 - Hats: This isn't a terrible buy at a yard sale, but something that can still be a little "iffy." You don't know how many times that hat has been worn, if someone's head got all sweaty in it, or anything like that. You could risk it and just wash it a few times when you get home, but it's just easier to buy this new or skip it altogether.

4 - Makeup: This is a big "no." Actually, this was one of the first lessons I was taught when I started going to yard sales. Makeup can be so expensive, so the idea of getting it at a discount sounds great, but it really isn't. The face has a lot of bacteria and germs on it, and you don't want someone else's germs and bacteria on your face, getting into your pores... gross. Just forget it. Buy makeup new.

5 - Bedding: I don't think we really need to explain this one. We'll sum it up - Mites, bed bugs, and you don't know what happened in that bedding. Just don't. Buy these new at a store.

Besides these items, yard sales are a great way to get needed (or wanted items) at a steal. Plus, it's a great way to recycle. Instead of someone throwing away something they're never going to use, they can sell it, make a few bucks, and someone else can get the much-needed use out of it.

Speaking of yard sales, the "World's Largest Yard Sale" at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds is just a few weeks away. It happens Saturday, June 16th and goes from 8am to 3pm. And you can come to buy OR to sell! If you're looking to sell items though, you have to rent your vendor space. You can get more details on the World's Largest Yard Sale at the link below:




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