This beautiful weather in Central New York is just too good to pass up. Make the most out of days like this, by enjoying one of these affordable adventures in our area...

1 - Go to the Utica Zoo: It's easy to forget we have such a wonderful zoo right in our area, with many paths and trails for great exercise, and of course all the animals to visit. Make sure you stop by the Red Panda exhibit for me, and say "hi" to the little guys.

2 - Hangout by the Water: Whether you want to go fishing, maybe go on a little kayaking adventure, or just take a walk, an afternoon by (or on) the Mohawk River or the Erie Canal is a great way to soak up the sunshine and enjoy this beautiful weather.

3 - Get Ice Cream from Nicky Doodles: Unfortunately the North Utica location is closed, but you can still get your favorite Nicky Doodles' treats from their location in New Hartford (or Rome or Verona).

4 - Do Some Window Shopping: This doesn't cost you a thing... If you're just looking. But you can bring a few bucks with you in case something really catches your eye. Maybe make your way to Bite Bakery and get a treat to fuel up before your browsing, if you're walking around Utica.

5 - Have a Picnic in the Park: When's the last time you had an actual picnic? It's probably been a while, so why not do it today? Pack up a few sandwiches or whatever and head to one of the many parks in the Central New York area. Seriously, there's a LOT of them to choose from. You can make it really easy and just head to the one closest to you. If eating outside isn't really your thing, then head to the park anyway. Maybe bring a Frisbee to throw around, or just go for a walk.

Now, these are just a few ideas of the things you can do in our area without any planning, and without breaking the bank. Of course if you have more time (and money), you can plan a bigger adventure, like a trip on the Adirondack Scenic Railroad or something along those lines. But if you're just looking to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, hopefully this list has helped you (or at least got you inspired for your own ideas). Happy spring!




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