This weather has just been ridiculous. It has been spring for a month, but it definitely doesn't feel like it. Even with this awful, dreary weather, there are a few things that are a lot worse to deal with, though.

After a very cold (and what felt like a very long) winter, it's no wonder why everyone seems so upset at the weather. And upset because it's weather, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. So we're trying to look to the positives (however few there may be). We found a few things that we know are definitely worse to deal with than this weather that we're currently fed up with. Here's our Top 5:

1 - When you need to do a little retail-therapy and your favorite shop is closed! Randomly! Like, in the middle of the day on a Thursday (maybe the owners are on vacation or there was an emergency).
1b - OR if you need to do a little retail-therapy and find the cutest top or skirt online, only to find out that it's no longer available.

2 - If you're making dinner for your family and you find a long, thick hair in your food... That doesn't belong to anyone in your family.

3 - Car trouble. Whether it just won't start, or you have a little fender-bender on your way to work, anything unexpected with a vehicle is more than annoying.

4 - Running out of bacon. Seriously, that's rough.

5 - When you've had a rough day and you're looking forward to getting home and enjoying those leftovers in the fridge, or the two cookies you KNOW you left in the cookie jar... Only to find the food you were really looking forward to, has been eaten by someone else.

As you can see from the mentioned items (above), there are still a few things that are worse than what we're dealing with now, weather-wise. But there is good news: It looks like sunshine and warmer weather is on the horizon. Hopefully, it will stick around this time and we'll start feeling like it really is spring in Central New York.





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