Survivor is still going strong--outwitting, outplaying and outlasting many other reality TV shows. And next month, just a short drive away in Rochester, the CBS program is casting for season 35. Get ready to win your slot in this season's cast with the following easy tips:

1. Show up. Your odds of being cast increase with every opportunity you take to apply, both through video submissions and open calls, like the one in Rochester on August 10th.

2. Have a life. Survivor is not looking for people with nothing else going on, aka "between jobs" or relaxing for the summer with nothing else better to do. Think about it like this: Would you be able to impress a date with that lame profile?

3. Be yourself. No gimmicks. No costumes. Don't lie during the audition stage.

4. Be in shape. Many previous contestants and winners say they trained, lost weight, or bulked up with weights prior to their auditions, and their fitness regimens helped them impress the casting directors. Delve into their tips in this forum.

5. Demonstrate how you already "play the game." After all, Survivor is a game of wits and if you already have a strategy for winning friends and influencing people, you've got a leg up.

6. Think like a winner. Don't be shy or humble. The TV show wants competitors; it's more interesting to watch. So, to borrow the words of former New York Jets' football coach Herm Edwards: "You play to win the game," right from the start.

Six contestants for Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers have already been cast. Check them out in this article.

Then, get your rear in gear, study this full interview with longtime Survivor casting director Lynne Spillman for further tips, and go grab one of the remaining 12 slots. If you make it to Fiji and win the million dollars, just give us a small cut.


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