Dearest Reader,

I know you've been waiting with bated breath for my updates about the mysterious woman who's been on the Lite 98.7 morning show the last several weeks. Dave Wheeler, in signature Scorpio fashion, has been shady (at best) about who she is and where, pray tell, she came from.

The BEST news, dear reader, is that I am the Lady Lytenup (pronounced lit-ten-oop).  I have my sweet buzzing bees, buzzing about the Utica thoroughfares collecting clues (like pollen) that I am here now to share with you.

Clue 1: She's not from here.

Clue 2: She's well moisturized. Word on the Utica boulevards, her ankles are never ashen.  

Clue 3: Will barely knows her.

Clue 4: She is Vegan. Ish.

This is the information I have collected so far dear reader. My sweet buzzing bees are still busy collecting more juicy tidbits for me to share here. They also say, that Monday morning at 7am, all will be revealed...
In the meantime, are you catching up on Bridgerton? Remember, Queen Charlotte a Bridegerton Story, starts on May 4.

Yours In Tuning In and Turning Up,

Lady Lytenup

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