Apple has introduced two new iPhones: the iPhone 8 and an a special edition in honor of the phone's 10th anniversary, the iPhone X. One catch: the iPhone X retails for $999 for the 'base' version and $1149 for one with more memory. That's a lot of money for a cell phone. In fact, there are some great CNY things you can get for that same $1000, that might make you even happier.

Most of us will probably forgo the new iPhone for things like rent and car payments and food

Half-Moon Cookies: instead of the iPhone X - which will feature facial recognition - you can stuff your face with 741 half moons from Holland Farms. Come one - that's a no brainer.

Utica Zoo membership: for the price of a phone that will probably last about 2 or 3 years, you can get an annual family membership to the Utica Zoo for 16 years. By then, all the kids will be grown, and we'll probably have a cell phone implant in our brains.

Manicure or Pedicure: you can stick with your less-that-perfect older phone, but your nails will look great...and for $1000, you can get a manicure a month for nearly 3 years. Do you really want to hold an expensive phone with ratchet looking nails?

A Nice Dinner: whether you're headed to Tailor and the Cook or The Savoy, or another top restaurant, you can really treat yourself - once a month for a year - for the same price as the new iPhone...and while the new phone can take great pictures, you definitely can't eat it.

Popcorn and a movie: the price of a ticket and popcorn have gone up, but not as much as the new iPhone. You could see 50 movies or 25, if you bring a friend, and on a screen much bigger than the one on the phone. If you get the new 'unlimited pass' - well, you could probably see hundreds of movies.

Utica Club beer - at $5.99 for a six-pack...that's a LOT of beer.

Utica Greens - an iPhone won't keep your belly full, or warm you up on a cold winter night - but Utica Greens will. $1000 will get you about 120 servings. Or, you could get 60 servings and pair it with the Utica Club - not we're talking.

You could use the same money to make a donation to your favorite CNY charity and make a real difference in the lives of animals, children who need tutoring, or women struggling to get back into the work force. Those are all good options.

Will you go out and get the new iPhone, or will you spend the money on something else?



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