It seems too good to be true, but you can go see a movie a day for just $10 a month. And there are now several theaters in the area that are accepting this plan.

MoviePass was started a few years back, but only had limited theaters accepting the plan. According to CNet, the plan was originally priced at $50 per month. That may even seem like a good deal, however they are now offering the same plan at an unbelievable $10 per month. Locally, Marquee Cinema in New Hartford has confirmed that they honor the MoviePass card. Rome Cinemas, Glenwood MoviePlex in Oneida, and Hamilton Theater are also listed on their website. So how does it work?

MoviePass App
CJ/TSM Utica

When you sign up for MoviePass you get a membership card. You also have to download the MoviePass app for your Android or iPhone. They say there's no commitment and you can cancel your account at any time. And the card is good nationwide at over 4000 theaters so you can even use it on vacation. The only restriction is that you can only watch 1 movie per day and it's only good for 2D movies.

Want to check out a new movie the day it's released? No problem - as long as it's not already sold out. Want to check out a 3D or Imax movie? You'll have to shell out full price for those tickets. Want to hand your card to your buddy to use for the same movie? Since it's only 1 movie per day, that's not going to work either. But still $10 for potentially 30 movies? That's quite a deal. Even if you only went to 1 movie per week it's only costing you about $2.50 per movie.

Watching Movie

Of course you'll still have to buy your own popcorn.


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