Everyone knows Utica is famous for its variety of cultural foods. With so many choices how do you know which ones to pick - especially if you're only in town for a short period of time? Well, here's the top seven places visitors need to check out!

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    Greek Food

    Symeon's is a Central New York staple, serving the best Greek food around. The chefs at Symeon's go out of their way to create wonderful masterpieces for their customers. Even if you've never had Greek food before - you'll love it! They are most famous for their variety of seafood (fish fry, anyone?) and everyone's favorite part of the meal - DESSERT! From Baklava to their homemade chocolate mousse, the options are endless. Check it out!

    Naomi Lynn/TSM
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    Alee's Restaurant

    Italian Cuisine

    Located in East Utica, Alee's Restaurant is the newest and most delicious place for authentic Italian meals. It has a quiet, cozy, and relaxing atmosphere serving specialty dishes such as: Chicken Francaise, Chicken Parmigiana, and Chicken Val D’Aosta - to name a few. Alee's is open exclusive hours, taking reservations weeks in advance. This is one place you don't want to miss!

    Allison Acquaviva
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    Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse

    Italian Cuisine

    Perhaps the most famous Italian Restaurant in Utica, Delmonico's is known for their delicious steak dinners AND of course, Chicken/Vodka Riggies. (Who doesn't love those?) From the decor, music, and overall ambiance, you will be transported into the world of Italy and you will NOT be disappointed!

    Allison Acquaviva
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    Holland Farms

    Bakery & Deli

    You have not lived until you have had a Holland Farms Halfmoon. Yes, they have coffee, jelly buns, chocolate fingers, and a variety of other pastries, BUT the Halfmoon is quite the delicacy here. You can find imitation halfmoons anywhere, but without a doubt, the best ones are found exclusively at Holland Farms.

    Naomi Lynn/TSM
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    Five Guys

    Burger Joint

    Especially being from Michigan - I didn't know what Five Guys was (hey, they didn't have any locations near me). After trying Five Guys once, I was hooked! Those burgers and fries are the best around - and it's a pretty cheap meal. A nice alternative to McDonald's or Burger King.

    (Oh, and sorry - your chances of seeing the President at Five Guys is pretty slim... But it is possible!)


    Photo by: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images News
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    Nicky Doodles

    Food & Ice Cream

    Nicky Doodles is famous for their foot-long hot dogs and their HUGE assortment of ice cream flavors! Open from mid-April to mid-October, Nicky Doodles is the perfect Summer hangout especially when those hot and humid days arrive! Plus they have this 'Dumpster Plate' food challenge... Now that's something I need to try next time.

    Eric Meier/TSM
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    Chesterfield Restaurant

    Fine Dining

    Now this is a place even I haven't been to... yet! But I've been told by so many people that this is the best place in town for Utica Greens and Chicken Riggies. I'm definitely planning on taking my family here when they come to visit - It will be a 'New to Naomi'....AND her family!

    Naomi Lynn/TSM