Now that we're well into fall, your Facebook newsfeed is sure to be filled with fall-themed recipes, jokes and memes, and of course, fall-festive photos.

Most of us love to post everything we're doing on Facebook, and (for the most part), there's nothing wrong with that. That's just the way our society is now. From complaining because you had to stay late at work again or posting photos of your vacation to the Bahamas, we just want to share our lives with everyone else... Well, with our "friends." How close those "friends" really are is totally up to you.

Anyway (getting a little off topic there), we are now into fall in Central New York and you're sure to have already seen some fall-themed posts and pictures. That being said, we KNOW (if you haven't yet), you're going to end up seeing all these photos on your newsfeed within the next couple of weeks. Okay, maybe not all of them, but most of them. For sure.

Colorful fall leaves

1. The Leaves: Whether it's a photo of some leaves on the ground or the beautiful trees changing or even a pile of leaves in the yard, you're going to see leaves on your Facebook.

Caucasian Boy Wearing A Giraffe Costume And Frowning On Halloween
Ingram Publishing/ThinkStock

2. A Costume: Your coworker's daughter is all dressed up for Halloween. Your landlord's friend is asking whether or not he should dress up as a pirate or an astronaut for the costume party.  You're about to see a LOT of costumes (if you haven't started seeing them already).

Paw prints in the snow

3. Snow: My Facebook was filled with photos of the snow from Wednesday night. If you haven't seen these posts yet, just wait. You will.

Cups of hot cocoa
Jaren Wicklund/ThinkStock

4. A Hot Beverage: Maybe a nice cup of hot chocolate, a coffee or even some hot apple cider. Usually it's with some caption about needing to warm up, "I'm so cold," or something like that. Once in a while it's just a photo showing off the new fall-flavored hot beverage from Dunkin Donuts.

Person Bundled Up Because of the Cold

5. Bundled Up: This photo comes in many forms - It could be a little kid all bundled up so they can play outside, it could be a friend wearing four shirts and two hoodies, maybe a coworker saying she already had to break out the gloves, or it could look just like the picture above.

Upset jack-o' || chr(39) || '-lantern looking at smashed pumpkin.
Ron Chapple Stock/ThinkStock

 6. A Pumpkin: This one also comes in many forms, but most likely you're going to see a carved out one on your Facebook newsfeed.

White Sand to the Beach

7. Throwback Photo: Something from this past summer (or even spring). The post will probably say something about "wishing it was that warm again" or "I'd take that heat now that we were complaining about," or something along those lines.

Alright tally them up. How many of these photos have you already seen on your Facebook? If you haven't seen them all yet, you probably will within the next few weeks.




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