When the temperatures soar, it's time to go through your vehicle and remove items that becomes messy or downright dangerous.

It goes without saying then when it's hot, you should NEVER leave children or pets in a vehicle - even when it's just warm. There are other items that you want to make sure you don't have in your car on a hot day. The American Veterinary Medical Association points out that the temperature in your car can rise as much as 20 degrees in just 10 minutes - and by as much as 40 degrees after an hour.

9 Things You Should NEVER Leave In A Hot Car

Water Bottles: Not only can water bottles direct sunlight and cause a fire inside your vehicle, but chemicals can leach from the plastic bottle into the water, rendering it harmful.

Suntan Lotion: Extreme heat can change the chemical makeup of the lotion, making it less effective in blocking the rays, potentially leading to sunburns.

Glasses or Sunglasses: Not only can the frames melt, but the plastic lenses can warp and distort, ruining your prescription.

Aerosol Cans: Keeping a can of hairspray in your car? Or maybe a cleaner? Never leave these, or any other similar products, inside a hot car. If you’ll notice, there’s a warning on their backside regarding high temperatures - beyond those temperatures, the can can crack or explode.

Medicines: Some varieties can melt in the heat, capsule can stick together, and any medicine can lose it's efficacy in the extreme temps in your vehicle.

Cans of Soda or Beer: Closed cans can easily expand and explode in a hot vehicle, creating a giant mess in your vehicle.

Bottle of Wine: In extreme heat, a cork can be forced out of a wine bottle, creating a messy stain and spill. Even if the cork stays in, the heat will change the quality of the wine.

Electronic Devices: Extreme temperatures are dangerous for batteries in these device, and could cause rupture. Heat can also affect the device's ability to operate.

Crayons or Lipstick: Unless you want to clean up melted goo off your car's seats or carpet, get these out now.


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