If you have a plastic bottle of water in your car, pay attention to this. As hot and humid temps affect Central New York, first responders have issued a water bottle warning.

Leaving plastic bottles of water in a hot car and in direct sunlight could start a fire, according to Manlius Firefighter Jay Symonds, who says the water and plastic can combine to magnify the sun's rays, and could cause upholstery or the plastic itself to catch fire. Symonds demonstrated in a video for CNY Central by using a piece of paper, and positioning a bottle, so the sun would reflect onto the paper, and mimic a scenario that could occur in your car.

Certain hot and dry weather conditions could conspire with a full bottle of water to produce temperatures of about 400 degrees, which would be enough to start a fire.

Water bottles should be stored in a trunk and away from direct sunlight.

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