You've heard of ice cream cake, but have you ever seen an 'ice cream pie'? Well, we found an ice cream spot in Central New York that serves these delicious treats.

For this week's "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video, I hit the road! In Ilion, you'll find an ice cream joint called the "Ice Cream Station," in the Colonial Plaza. I had to stop at this place after seeing a sign out front advertising ice cream pies (and that you could "pick yours up today!").

Now I don't know about you, but I've heard of ice cream cake - And I love ice cream cake, but I had never heard of, nor seen an ice cream pie. So I definitely had to check it out.

In the video (at the top of this page), you'll see me heading into the Ice Cream Station to talk to Wendy, who tells us what an ice cream pie is. She also shows us some of the amazing flavors they have available - Like m&m's, Reese's peanut butter cup, and even a caramel apple ice cream pie. After looking at all the options, I decided to take the Reese's pie home. Hey, I had to try it to make sure it was worth shooting a video on...

And it totally was. Seriously, just look at the close up of the ice cream pie in the video (above). The layers of chocolate, peanut butter, candies, and of course ice cream. Oh, and that delicious whipped topping. I can't say ice cream pie is better than ice cream cake, but I'm totally comfortable saying they are both just as good as the other.

If you are in the Ilion area or in the Valley, you should head to the Ice Cream Station and at least give one of these ice cream pies a try. If you love ice cream, ice cream sundaes, or ice cream cake, you'll definitely love these. They are put together by a woman named Maegan, who just does a fantastic job. I hear she does requests too, but you'll have to head to the Ice Cream Station and find out for yourself.

Oh, and I wouldn't wait too long to try an ice cream pie. The Ice Cream Station isn't open all year, and will be closing soon as we get into September and the cooler weather.



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