The author's relatives are amazed by the find of a local diver's discovery. Diver Dave Leander found a nearly 100-year-old message in a bottle and it's causing quite a stir in Michigan. Historians have been working to solve the mystery of its authors, while some relatives have already come forward.

Dave Leander of the Great Lakes Dive Center happened upon the cool find while diving for treasure 30 feet below the surface of the St. Clair River last June. According to Huff Parents:

"It was a little bit under the silt, and whenever you see a little, tiny piece of glass ... you kind of fan away at it to see if it's intact," Leander told local Fox affiliate WJBK. "I happened to see a piece of paper in there, and I could actually read the writing under water."

Dave put the bottle in his pocket and read the message when he made it to dry land. For months it just sat in his home until a member of the St. Clair Flats Historical Society, asked if he could examine it. The rest is history.

...since where talking about a message in a bottle...