When I arrived at the Sand Wedge Bar and Grill in Baldwinsville over the weekend, something really neat happened.

It was a big weekend for college basketball in Central New York, so I decided to go where I knew I'd be surrounded by a sea of Orange; the Sand Wedge Bar and Grill. It didn't disappoint. In fact, it was so jam packed that I had to a share table with strangers.

It didn't matter that folks at our table never met before though because we all shared a love for March Madness, and the Syracuse Orangmen. After our small talk about "bleeding orange" and Easter plans, someone at the table mentioned he was having a "Mad, March birthday party" in the Bahamas. My birthday's also in March, so I asked him when his was.

March 30th was his response, and my response, and also the girl sitting across from me, and also the guy sitting next to me. We shared our ID's to prove we weren't lying; afterwards, I snapped a picture.

It's not everyday that you randomly meet 3 other people with the same birthday. March 30th friends!

Posted by Matt Hubbell on Friday, March 25, 2016

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