What is weirdest thing you've ever seen someone doing while driving?

Here are 5 odd behaviors or practices I witnessed while motoring through the Mohawk Valley.

Playin' a Diddy

I was traveling East on the thruway, and just before I reached the Little Falls exit, I saw a gentleman with one hand on the steering wheel, and the other strumming his acoustic guitar. If you thought texting while driving was dangerous,  can you imagine trying to learn a few chords on a musical instrument?


Peanut Butter Lover

I imagine just about every peanut butter connoisseur  has eaten it straight out of the jar at some point in time, myself included; but it's especially unusual when you spot someone spooning the food out of the jar by hand, while simultaneously driving down Route 5 in Ilion.



One Sunday afternoon I was driving behind an older model red pickup truck in Waterville. Once we were stopped at a red light I noticed the motorist lift up what appeared to be a small propane tank to his mouth.  I wondered what in the world he was doing; moments later I noticed smoke coming from inside his vehicle. When he pulled into the convenience store, I followed him because I had to see what he was up to. When he got out of his truck, I noticed that he had a cigar in his mouth. Once he entered the store, I  took a quick peek inside;  there was a plumber’s torch lying on the seat. At that moment,  the mystery was solved: He had lit up a stogie with the torch.


Hold Your Horses

This was probably the most hilarious thing I've ever witnessed while driving. I was headed to my friend's house in Ilion, but before I arrived, I pulled up next to a gentleman who was wearing a horse mask. He was also drinking a Yoo-Hoo. This happened in May, so we can rule out the Halloween costume explanation.


Is He Playing Cards?

I was headed to Syracuse one afternoon and I passed someone on the Thruway near Westmoreland. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be engaged in a game of cards; by herself. I suppose this one isn't all that unusual, but it caught me completely off guard and I was like huh? She must have been playing Solitaire right?


Central New York's Longest Red Light

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