Got a kid in your life who is obsessed with everything dinosaurs? If so, break out your wallet and get ready to purchase tickets for this awesome experience.

The Dino Safari Drive-Thru is making its way to the New York State Fairgrounds this May.

This brand new event is set in the "Pangea National Park" where visitors grab their prehistoric passports and take a globetrotting expedition to get an up close look at a variety of giant moving dinosaurs. See everything from the mighty T-rex of North America to the gigantic amphibious Spinosaurus from Africa from the safety of your vehicle on this adventure for the whole family.

The 60-minute event drive-thru event for all ages has narration that is fun and educational for only $49.95 per vehicle with up to seven people inside.

The event goes from Friday, May 14 through June 6, and tickets are on sale now.

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Credit: DinoSafari
Credit: DinoSafari

[CNY Central]

What Dinosaurs Lived in Utica/Rome Millions of Years Ago?

According to Simplemost, Ancient Earth Globe is an online, interactive map that allows users to research what any area of the world might have looked like at a given point in prehistoric times. The map, which you can access here, will show you what Earth looked like at a given point in time. You select the time using a drop-down menu, with options ranging from 20 million to 750 million years ago. You can take it a step further by typing the name of any location in the City Name box. A red pin will appear in the correct location, along with a list of fossils found near the area.

When you search for Utica and Rome in Ancient Earth Globe, it pops up with three different nearby fossils:

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