A man who was allegedly under the influence of hallucinogenic 'bath salts' when he committed an attack that was eerily similar to the face-eating 'zombie' attack in Miami last Sunday.

This incident happened in Scott, Louisiana, a suburb of Lafayette.  In this situation two men got into a confrontation after one man was:

reportedly upset about a “domestic matter,” attacked him and, in the words of Scott, Louisiana Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas, “bit a chunk of the victim’s face off.”  Credeur defended himself by spraying “wasp spray” into Jacquneaux’s face, ending the attack.

Jacquneaux fled the scene, but soon after appeared at the house of another acquaintance in the town of Carencro, attacking him, holding him at knife point and demanding a gun.  It was there that police deputies caught up with Jacquneaux and arrested him.

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