One of the most beloved sci-fi film franchises from the 1980's may be coming back this October 21st.

The Back to the Future films that made us all want a Delorean so we could travel through time in style has been one of the few successful franchises that has remained untouched since the trilogy's conclusion in 1990, until now. A new trailer was released on March 31st that just might be bringing the beloved franchise back to future theaters.

The trailer plays on the classic films however, at the close of the trailer we see Vin Diesel driving the Delorean through New York City with the tag #FASTTOTHEFUTURE which hints at it is actually a teaser for yet another Fast And The Furious movie.

This is also hinted at in a recent interview Vin Diesel had on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was talking about Kurt Russel joining Fast And The Furious for a future installment that is supposed to take place in New York City.

However, the date in the Fast To The Future trailer says 10.21.2015 and that would be an incredibly short filming and production cycle for a new Fast And The Furious movie. It could also mean that is the release date for the next trailer or announcement.

Do you think Fast To The Future is hype or the next Back To The Future movie?



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