A recent study from by media planning agency PHD USA says  that women (and some guys like me), feel the ugliest on Monday mornings, and I agree.

Usually I'm a bit tired after a weekend of sleeping in so you may see some bags under my eyes. During football season I over indulge on Sunday's so I feel fat on Monday mornings and occasionally I'm unshaven which is not a good look for me. Now this study did focus on women and included female respondents in all age groups and geographic locations within the United States.

The report on Yahoo Shine adds:

But it turns out women don't feel bad about themselves all day long. Things actually turn around at lunchtime, with females feeling positive about their appearances during the three-hour window from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. As for the day of the week women feel their best, turns out it's Thursday, when, according to the study, women start having good feelings about the weekend.

So If you're a woman who'd like to meet me when you feel you're looking you're best, I'll see you Thursday.

Here are some everyday beauty tips from Yahoo Shine.