Dennis Farina passed away yesterday (Monday July 22, 2013) from complications of a blood clot in his lung.  He starred on "Law and Order" and played smaller roles in "Get Shorty" and "Saving Private Ryan".  He was 69.  Dennis Farina actually spent 20 years as a Chicago cop before he became an actor.

We will miss hearing the colorful lines he delivered in his various roles. For example; remember Dennis Farina on "Law and Order" questioning a guy about a crime? He says, "Hey. Don't be a smart guy. You know how easy it is to get violated and sent back to the Gray Bar Hotel. Do ya? Or how about one of his most famous lines from "Get Shorty", when he's beating up Gene Hackman. Jon Gries walks in to the scene and asks who the eff he is, and Dennis says, "I'm Ray Barboni, from Miami."
Check out an old commercial he did for a beer that you might remember called Old Style.

You will be missed Dennis. R.I.P.