Famous actress Kirsten Dunst this week appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late night TV show to discuss her family's new baby. And, there's sort of a Central New York connection.

Dunst and her hubby decided to name their baby boy Ennis. That's also the last name of famous Syracuse basketball player Tyler Ennis. Of course Dunst probably doesn't realize that; she and her hubby saw the name Ennis online in a list of potential names and immediately liked it. But, it got me thinking: What if you DID consider naming your child after the surnames of famous Orange stars? Here are the possibilities:

  • Csonka. Larry, the rugged running back from the 60s, went on to NFL greatness.
  • McNamara. Gerry McNamara never has to buy his own drink in CNY due to his heroic role in SU's national title run. You could even just go with his nickname--GMac
  • Monk. Art is one of the best receivers in Syracuse and NFL history.
  • Bing. Dave is THE best Syracuse basketballer ever...and an NBA Hall of Famer.
  • Boeheim. THE coach. The legend himself. Go ahead. Be bold.
  • Christmas. Yes, that's the actual surname of Rakeem, the recent Syracuse basketball center. Hey, if you're going to be named after a holiday, that's pretty cool. And, as long as we're on this theme: Easter? Hannukah? Mardi Gras?
  • Bouie. Roosevelt, another great Syracuse basketball center. And, by the way, that name is pronounced Boo-ey.
  • McNabb. Donovan, might be the best SU quarterback of all time, and had a pretty good NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Carmelo.Yeah, I know that's already a FIRST NAME, but it's pretty cool. Or, you could always use his LAST NAME (Anthony) as a first name. But that might be a bit boring.

Would you name your kid after any of these guys? Any other ideas? Maybe you already HAVE named your child after someone famous?

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