Fans of ‘The Voice‘ will want to nab the new issue of PEOPLE on Friday, March 23, as the weekly mag will explore, or “go inside,” as the editors like to say, the bromance between coaches Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. The bromantics appear on the cover, which boasts the tag: “How polar opposites became close pals.”

Close pals or not, they are in the thick of the battle rounds on Season 2 of their mega popular series right now, so things are intense and brotivities like fishing or double dating or hanging out are on the backburner.

Shelton, in his trademark sarcastic wit, said that he has been asked about his friendship with the Maroon 5 singer, to which he responded, “And I sputtered off, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make out with him.’ The next thing you read is, ‘Blake wants to kiss Adam.’ Man, I can’t believe how …”

“True that is?” Levine offered.

See, they are finishing each other’s sentences!

Shelton continued,”But it’s fun. It’s just like we’re sitting around the bar, making jabs at each other.”

Levine isn’t in looooove with Shelton or the term “bromance,” but he is happy at having cultivated this unexpected friendship. “Can we please kill that stupid term?” he said about the colloquial phrase that has been applied to his relationship with Shelton. “We’re just friends. It’s called friendship!”

The cover story further explores their clashes with fellow coach Christina Aguilera and double-dating.

But what about Cee Lo? Where does he factor into this love triangle / bromance? Sorry, Adam — we like that word. Besides, you’re dating a hot model and Shelton’s married to a country queen, so you should be secure enough with the terminology. It’s not like anyone is saying, “Adam and Blake…sitting in a tree…” Wait, didn’t Blake make that joke, sort of?