Sunday the Utica Comets got together with Tony’s AUDelicious for an awesome fundraiser, with money being raised to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association – CNY Chapter. It was a fun day of autographs, photos with the Comets, games and drinks.


Naomi Lynn/TSM

What an event! Sunday afternoon people from all over came to Tony’s AUDelicious to hangout and meet their favorite Utica Comets players. The Comets came together with New York State Tool, Tony's AUDelicious, Labatt, and the "Save of the Day" Foundation to put on this wonderful fundraising event.

"Comets Hockey For Hope" gave the general public a chance to meet and hangout with their favorite Comets players. You could challenge one of the Comets in a game - anything for shooting baskets, to a round of air hockey - or just hangout with some of the players, get autographs, and even have a drink.


Naomi Lynn/TSM

I was lucky enough to play Travis Ehrhardt and Alexandre Grenier in a game of pool. That was a pretty awesome time, I have to say (even though they won... but it WAS a close game). Just meeting the players and getting autographs was cool, but the fact this was all going for a great cause... now that was probably the best part!


Naomi Lynn/TSM

There was also an auction for some signed Comets gear and lunch dates with some of the players. Brandon DeFazio's signed "Sheriff's Night" Jersey went for $1000!


Tons of money was raised for the CNY Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, and more donations are still coming in! The Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Lisa della Santina said,

More than $15,000 has been raised so far. Donations are still being accepted until either April 7, or April 10, where the Utica Comets will present the check during a game.


You still have an opportunity to help out this great cause, as well. You can get information about donating by contacting Lisa at (315) 790 - 9070, or you can email her at

I can't get over how great this event was, and how awesome the Utica Comets were. They seemed to be having just as much fun as everyone else. Plus, they were very 'down-to-earth,' taking time to talk with the fans, laugh and joke, and make sure everyone was having a good time. Here are some more pictures from this fundraiser at Tony's AUDelicious.