I know it's a little late, but if you missed episode two of this season's 'America's Got Talent' - here are the top five acts of the night!

  • 5

    Stevie Starr

    Professional Regurgitator

    Normally I don't like acts like this, but the ending with the sugar and water... well, that's just absolutely amazing!

  • 4

    Wayne Hoffman


    This is just crazy - and Dangerous! Don't try this at home kids!

  • 3

    Benjamin Yonattan


    Not only does this kid dance amazingly well, but he's blind! A blind dancer that moves and tells us a story... it took my breath away.

  • 2

    Alicia Michilli


    Singer from Detroit, Michigan wows the audience with 'I'd Rather Go Blind.'

  • 1

    Freckled Sky

    Dance Act

    This was more than dancing! It added a variety of elements to create an actual 'act.' It was so well done Howard approved them to go straight to the live shows!

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