Now this is bound to put a pep in your step today... especially if you're a Bills fan!

After their win against Denver earlier this month, the Buffalo Bills earned their spot at the top of the AFC East, an honor the team and its fans have been waiting on since they last clinched the division in 1995, months before the team's current quarterback, Josh Allen, was even born. And with the team's latest victory over rival the New England Patriots, you could say there's certainly a lot for fans to celebrate in Western New York.

A Buffalo-area dance studio is doing just that with a new dance video celebrating their team's success.

Future Dance Center in Hamburg, New York recently released an enthusiasm-packed dance video to The Isley Brothers' "Shout." As the dancers get their groove on, they're all donning blue, red and white Bills gear, along with face masks to keep each other safe from the spread of coronavirus. It's easy to see that these dancers are proud of their team and their city.

Oh, and as if Bills Mafia needs another reason to "Shout" this season, their 'Best Fans in Football' billboard went up in Foxborough last week, just four minutes from the New England Patriots' stadium.

Bills fans won their spot on the billboard back in September during a Sunday Night Football survey. They got to choose where the billboard would go up, and naturally, they chose right in the heart of Patriots country.

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