What a way to end this season of America's Got Talent! All 10 acts performed with a celebrity before learning who won the Grand Prize - and it was absolutely amazing!

Another season of America's Got Talent has now come and gone, but they couldn't wrap up the show without a bang. Each act took to the stage one last time, but this time they were with a celebrity. The highlights? Well, Drew Lynch and Gary Vider performed with Jeff Ross, and they 'learned' how to 'roast' people...

The Professional Regurgitator performed his stunts with Penn and Teller. The best part of that was the look on both Penn and Teller's face! They were in disbelief of what they just saw!

Also, Paul Zerdin was joined by the winner of America's Got Talent (Season Two), Terry Fator, for some ventriloquist fun.


So who won? Who walked away with the million dollars and a headlining show in Las Vegas? Well, here are the results...

It all started by sending the first five acts home:

-Gary Vider

-Derek Hughes

-Uzeyer Novruzov

-Benton Blunt

-Piff the Magic Dragon


That left us with five acts. Here are their places:

5th Place: The CraigLewis Band

4th Place: The Professional Regurgitator (which was a huge shock in the audience - you could hear the booing, and angry yelling)

3rd Place: Oz Pearlman

2nd Place: Drew Lynch (the only prediction I got right from guessing who would win yesterday).


Which means your Big Winner of America's Got Talent Season 10 is...

Paul Zerdin


It has been an exciting season of America's Got Talent, that's for sure! Howard Stern announced that he will be leaving the show, as well. I wonder who will be the next judge to take over his spot? And I wonder what season 11 will have in store for us...




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