What if New York had a new superhero? Thanks to AI, we now do.

The website Gabb has a mission, in addition to creating superheros:

Empowering parents to keep their kids safe in the digital age is pretty much Gabb’s whole mission in a nutshell. We believe it’s important to be aware of AI’s potential dangers. But sometimes it is easy to focus too much on the negatives."

Who Is New York State's New Superhero?


Gabb has created The Emperor for New York State's superhero:

The Emperor was once a dedicated New York first responder who, after a fateful encounter with a mysterious energy beneath the city’s bedrock, was imbued with the essence and spirit of New York itself. Now, transcending their human limitations, they vow to protect their beloved state from peril. The Emperor has the unique ability to sense structural weaknesses in buildings, bridges, and other infrastructures."

The Emperors super power can prevent collapses and accidents, ensuring the safety of New York’s iconic landmarks and infrastructures. He can purify air and water, which is crucial for a city with a history of pollution.

This ensures the citizens breathe clean air and access fresh, uncontaminated water. He can also absorb excess energy, mitigating blackouts and power shortages. In emergencies, Empire Guardian can redirect this energy to essential services."

Do you think they did a good job for New York's superhero? What would you do differently? Text us on our station app to let us know. You can also check out the other state made AI superheroes online here.

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